New TV Show about Michigan Festivals and Events!

Published On: February 23, 2023Categories: Latest Articles

Discover the best of Michigan with “Michigan Fun” – your ultimate guide to festivals and events!

Looking for a unique way to explore Michigan and experience its diverse culture and attractions? Look no further than “Michigan fun” – the exciting new show airing every Thursday at 7 pm on my Michigan tv. The show is hosted by Mike Szukhent, the president of the Michigan festivals and events association, who will take you on a journey through Michigan’s festivals, events, fairs, businesses, and volunteer communities.

The Michigan festivals and events association is a non-profit organization that supports communities, events, festivals, fairs, businesses, and volunteers across Michigan. Their aim is to promote tourism and year-round fun spots, as well as provide technical assistance, education, and training. They also work in partnership with other organizations like the pure Michigan, Michigan association of fairs & exhibitions, tourism industry coalition of Michigan, Michigan chamber of commerce, the small business association of Michigan, and MLive media group, to produce informative materials such as magazines, newsletters, social media pages, and YouTube channels that highlight festivals, fairs, events, and destinations throughout the entire state.

“Michigan Fun” provides an inside look at the wide variety of festivals and events happening throughout Michigan, giving viewers the opportunity to discover and experience the state’s unique culture and attractions. From seasonal fun spots and year-round attractions to the best lodging options and main attractions, “Michigan fun” covers everything that makes Michigan such a fun and exciting place to explore.

The show’s host, Mike Szukhent, is an expert in the Michigan festival and event industry and will keep you updated on upcoming festivals and events. “Michigan fun” also features interviews with the people behind these events. Mike will sit down with organizers, volunteers, and other key figures to get their insights on what makes their event unique and how it contributes to Michigan’s rich culture and heritage.

These interviews add a personal touch to the show, giving viewers an opportunity to hear from the people who make these events possible and learn more about the stories and history behind them. whether you’re a Michigan local or just visiting the state, “Michigan fun” is the perfect way to discover new and exciting events and gain a deeper appreciation for all that Michigan has to offer.

If you’re planning a trip to Michigan or just looking for some fun ideas, be sure to tune in to “Michigan fun” every Thursday at 7 pm on my Michigan tv
You can also check out the Michigan festivals and events association’s website to learn more about their mission, partners, and all the exciting events happening throughout the state. With the Michigan festivals and events association, you’ll never run out of things to do in Michigan – the fun never stops!

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