Migrating to Google Analytics 4 – What Michigan Digital is doing for you!

For any website using Google Analytics, (which is most) Google has announced that it is shutting down its old version of analytics (Universal Analytics) in its place they will use Google Analytics 4

This shutdown is set for still over a year a way so for those clients on a monthly SEO program we will be adding GA-4 as a tracking method in the next few months if we have not already.

Michigan Business Migration to GA-4

Google says that in its move to Google Analytics 4 that it is designed to better understand users.

In their view GA4 is a step closer to closing the gap on cross-platform user journeys with a focus on user acquisition, retention and value. That means that they aim to track single users across platforms.

In reality Google has no option and needed to do this because this way of tracking respects user privacy.

Important things to know

* GA4 will only keep data for 14 months

* It offers automatic event tracking, i.e. page views, scrolls, outbound links

* There are no more visitors or sessions, these is just tracked as events.

The plan going forward.

Michigan Digital will, without cost, for those on an SEO program, create GA4 accounts for you and make you the administrator. Michigan Digital will continue to provide use of  server stats that will give you access to data over time. Universal Analytics will be connected and used for the next year during which time you can monitor how GA-4 is tracking users.

* Ask us about information or other options!

If you are not on an Search Engine Optimization monthly program, we highly recommend contacting us to help you stay on top of Search Engine Rankings and keep up to date with any new changes.

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