Four Emails or Posts You Should Have Ready For Quarantine

Published On: April 1, 2020Categories: Creative

During the time of the quarantine it is essential to keep in contact with your clients. It is also important to look forward and have a plan for the eventual lifting of the quarantine. We at Gaslight Media understand the difficulty of the situation and look forward to working with you to get through this difficult time. Here are four suggested communications that you should have ready to go during the quarantine and for resuming normal activities.

1) A thank you letter, should address loyal support, understanding, and concern.
2) How your business or organization has dealt with the quarantine. Develop a strong message of unity.
3) Things are strange right now. Tell people what are you doing to locations to make sure they are disinfected, What rental or reservation policies have you changed to meet the changed market. ( you may not have this figured out yet but is important to start thinking about it now)
4) When you reopen what are your hours dates and times, what are possible date changes for events and activities. (this may be several communications, keep in contact with clients they will want to know)

Some final tips!

Be extra available for questions, develop a FAQ page just for this specific time. Create a chat area with a plugin for questions if you have the resources to do so. There are plugins that we can add to your website please ask us about this.

FAQ Plugin Example












Finally post on all platforms, blog, Facebook and emails, but be reasonable, don’t over saturate your reader.

Please contact us with any questions that you might have we are eager to get through this difficult time with you.


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